• UNE Instructional Design and Technology (IDAT) Research Group

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    An Open Learning Opportunity Partnership - Est. 2014

    Our team strives to provide research to inform the development of frameworks to empower Early Childhood, K-12, university and corporate educators to design, develop and deliver interactive distance education programs. 

    We are a multidisciplinary group drawing on expertise across higher education, educational technology, psychology and STEM education.

    Learning Designer of the Month - no Photoshop!

    We undertake foundational research in the design, sequencing and evaluation of e-learning interactions, with the overarching goal of informing policy and practice.

    We approach our research using mix-method designs, experimental studies and the application of conventional and novel learning analytic techniques. 

    Our research demonstrates how contemporary and emerging technologies can be used to: promote student learning; facilitate effective teaching practice; map discrete learning processes; develop responsive pedagogy; and enhance learning, teaching and assessment.

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