2. Video assessment

For most assignments submitting your video will be a two step process. Firstly uploading it to My Media. The final step will be to set it to display in the assignment submission page.

Your My Media area is a private space where you can upload and manage your video content. When it has uploaded and processed you can check your video is correct before you complete your submission. The editor that displays in many places in myLearn including video assignment submission pages allows you to select a video from your My Media and display it directly there. This is what you will do for your submission. The video will then display there and can be viewed in the assignment page in a similar way to a Youtube video.

Follow the instructions in the video below or in this pdf.

Submitting a video assignment is a 2 step process:

Step 1:
Upload your video assignment to My Media.
TIP: You can use My Media's Capture tool to record Powerpoint, webcam and microphone on your computer and it conveniently uploads directly into your My Media library.

Step 2:

Go to the assignment submission page and embed the uploaded video from My Media into the assignment submission online text area.

TIP: If you do have a large video size and slow connection, downsize the file.


The following chapters give a step-by-step guide of the submission process.