Mixed Methods


Mixed Methods Research is too often misunderstood.

John Creswell – Listen to the main leader of the field!



Two nice thought provoking sets of slides from Caroline Bulsara from University of Notre Dame, to get your head around Mix Methods terminology




https://catalyst.harvard.edu/community-engagement/mmr/ has info and further links

The videos to watch are the following 10 in series recorded by John Cresswell

1. What is Mixed Methods

2. What Skills are Needed for Mixed Methods Research?

3. Steps in Designing a Mixed Methods Study

4. Basic Mixed Methods Research Designs

5. Advanced Mixed Methods Designs

6. How to Draw a Diagram of Your Mixed Methods Procedures

7. Introducing a Mixed Methods Study

8. Sampling and Integration

9. How to Write a Mixed Methods Study for Publication

10. Evaluating the Quality of a Mixed Methods Study 

refer to Cresswell's books for more information



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