Once you have uploaded your file and the report has been generated a pencil icon will appear next to the file. Open the report by clicking on the pencil.

Image showing the similarity link on the assignment submission page

The self check does not check against student submissions including your previous submissions uploaded to the self-check or your previous files submitted for marking or other student submissions. The self-check only checks against the public Internet, online publications and databases that Turnitin has access to. Your final submission for marking will be checked against other student submissions. This is likely to result in a lower score for the self-check. 

The self check also does not include the AI detection score that is available in the full report to markers.
Turnitin checks include a check for content that may have been generated using an AI tool such as ChatGPT. This part of the assessment will not be visible to you, it is only available to staff members when marking your submission.

Your originality report will appear as a regular web page:

Document viewer


The report has three major components, the match overview, the submitted document with matched text highlighted and the identified sources of the matched text.

1. Match overview

The match overview contains the overall similarity index represented by a percentage figure (this is the overall percentage of text in the originally submitted file that has been found to match other sources).

Similarity score


2. The submitted file

Your submitted file appears in the left-hand side of the window. Each piece of text that has been found in another source is numbered and colour coded. Any text that has not been matched with another source will appear as regular black text.

View of matched text


3. Matched sources

A list of the identified sources appears on the right-hand side of the window. They are colour coded to align with the coding in your file. A URL for the origin of each source is provided, as is the percentage of the total submitted file that has been found in that single source. Publicly available sources such as online databases, online journals and other Internet sources can be accessed by clicking on the coloured URL provided. Sources are listed in descending order of the percentage.

Sources of matched text - Document Viewer


Note: Sources indicated in the right-hand panel are the first instance of the matched text which Turnitin comes across, not necessarily the original source. Turnitin displays the first match that it finds, so it is possible that if you have used material from one source that the software will display a match from another source that contains the same text.

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