The Turnitin logoUNE uses a software application to determine the originality of assessable work submitted by its students.  Originality, in this context, does not mean the assignment needs to be solely original thought. It refers to the use of sources in your work. The software used by UNE is called Turnitin and all assessments are processed through this application as part of the assignment submission process.

Turnitin checks the originality of your work by comparing text from your assignment against billions of web pages, student papers and leading library databases and publications. Turnitin produces a report that will highlight and displays sources of any similarities detected.

UNE allows you to submit your assignment to Turnitin for checking before you submit it for marking. This is an optional step. After viewing your report, you can then submit your assignment for marking. Once your assignment has been electronically submitted for marking, it will be automatically sent to Turnitin for review and a report will be sent to the Unit Coordinator.

Last modified: Wednesday, 4 October 2023, 11:01 AM