Things to think about

A 'Similarity' link and score is not displaying

If the similarity link is not displaying for you on the assignments page it usually means that Turnitin was not able to process the file that you uploaded for some reason.

File is too large

Your draft file must be less than 40MB.

If your file is too large, make the file smaller. For the self check, your draft file doesn't need to contain images for the purpose of originality checking. It only needs the text. Images can make the file too big, so try making a copy, removing the images and uploading the copy. These tips may also help to reduce the file size.

Your draft file must contain more than 100 words of selectable text

Selectable text in your file must be readable if you copy and paste it to a text editor. Do not scan your document to PDF.  Upload it in Word format or save it to PDF (see this page for options). Selectable text in your file must be readable if you copy and paste it to a text editor. If uploading a PDF check the selectable text in your PDF copies correctly to a text editor. If it is unreadable gibberish, then use another method to create the PDF (this is a known issue with Word on Mac when saving to PDF)

If your draft file meets these criteria

Try renaming the file and save the change to trigger a re-send, in case it was just a technical problem with the system.


Problems Accessing Your Marked Assignment in Grademark

The most likely problem you might encounter accessing your marked file in Grademark is an error telling you that it is not available. The most likely cause is that the Unit Coordinator hasn't completely finished with marking and has not yet changed the assignment setting that allows students to see their Grademark Report. In that case the report should be made available to you after marking is completed and all grades are ready to be posted.

However, if your Unit Coordinator has indicated that you should be able to see your Grademark report, then ask the Coordinator to please check the assignment setting in case it has been overlooked. 


Getting assistance

If you need assistance with the self-check you can contact the ITD Service Desk on 1800 763 040, 02 6773 5000 or email

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