4. File Upload

Once you have created a video file it is time to upload it to My Media. As video files can be large the time taken to upload will be greatly affected by your internet connection. Your video does not have to be high quality, so if you have a slower connection or a large file consider reducing the file size. See File too big to upload for details.

Please note embedded videos cannot be deleted by the user.

Steps for uploading:

1. To access My Media Select [your name] top right and from the drop down menu, select My Media.

image shows user action menu

2. Select Create, then select Upload from the drop down menu.

image shows media upload menu option in kaltura my media

3. Select Drag & Drop a file here (space inside dotted lines)

image shows kaltura media upload interface

alternatively, you can click on the Choose a File to Upload button, locate your file and select Open.

4. Once you see Upload Completed message in green, add the following make your video searchable:

  • Meaningful Name (keep it short though)
  • Meaningful Description, and
  • Useful, comma-separated Tags to assist searches

image kaltura upload descriptions tags and save interface