5. Embed in myLearn

When you have content in My Media, it is easy to transfer media into an assignment submissions, forums, labels or anywhere in myLearn where there is a rich text editor. Essentially anywhere you see this tool bar:

Moodle text editing toolbar image

1. Go to the text editor. Choose this icon: Expand toolbar icon to view extended toolbar options.

2. Select Embed Kaltura Media (sometimes displayed as My Media) via this icon: Embed Kaltura media iconYour My Media list will open in a new window.

3. Click the </> Embed button next to the file you want to add. This will embed the default sized player version for your file. This is sufficient for marking as your marker will be able to open your video in full-screen as well

Image shows Kaltura embed video popup interface

Click on the play button if you would like to preview the file. The Play button appears over the thumbnail of your file. 

Embedding your video this way embeds a link in the Online Text editor when viewed in edit mode. The media does not preview in the editor, but it will display as expected after you save changes. 

Do Not Edit the Link or it will break the player!

The link is structured as instructions for your browser on how to find and display the player: 

tinymce-kalturamedia-embed||video name (duration hh:mm)||player width||player height

This image shows how it would appear in the myLearn online text editor.

image shows kaltura embed link text

Do not change the link text.  

If adding multiple videos, embed each one on a new line. Add any other text, images, embed another file etc around the link text, remembering not to accidentally alter any of your video links: 

image shows kaltura embedded links with accompanying text and image

5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save changes.

The embedded file displays as shown below in a summary view only. If you have embedded more than one video and/or additional text and images, they may not all display in this summary. However, the submission can be expanded to show all your content. Click the PLUS icon at the top of your submission to expand and display all your content.

image shows embedded kaltura video submission with expand button

Remember! The online text summary box displays a limited number of characters. This counts the characters of the video link text as well as any additional text you added.  If you see "..." appearing after a partial link in the online text field, this indicates there is more content that can be seen if you expand the view from the PLUS icon.
image shows incomplete link text at the bottom of the submission summary (not expanded)

6. Finally, scroll to the Submission Status section of this window and select Submit assignment.

image shows assignment submit edit and remove buttons (student view)