How to create, upload and submit video assessments

1. Introduction

Some assessment tasks require you to submit a video for the assessment. This could be a video you create with a camera, on your phone or it could be a recording on your computer created as a screen recording. To facilitate this UNE provides all students with access to My Media. My Media includes a space where you can upload your videos and a desktop recording tool, to allow you to create screen recordings. 

This guide provides information about using these tools to complete your video assessment.

My Media

My Media is your space where you can upload and share your UNE videos. Links to videos that have been uploaded to your My Media can easily be added in places in myLearn including into your assignment submission.

Click your name in the top right on any screen in myLearn and from the drop down menu, Select My Media:

My Media location from the name down down menu

The My Media page contains a 'My Media help' video playlist block, which communicates everything here in-situ with explainer videos.

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a free My Media app that installs on your computer and uploads directly into your My Media library within myLearn. This is a screen, powerpoint and webcam recorder. This is the preferred software solution when recording presentations from your desktop. To download and use the application simply follow the instructions in the Kaltura Capture chapter.

Further Resources