Callista Tool Back Online

Callista Tool Back Online

by Tiffany-Jo Gilleland -
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Tonight will see new functionality added to Moodle in our schedule of weekly additions of new content to the site.

New features:

  • Unit Creation Tool (formerly called the Callista Tool) will be back in operation, but relies on permission to be granted manually to staff to create units (details below)
  • Collapsible Unit Topics Option (Accordian Format)

The Unit Creation Tool:

The Unit Creation Tool will allow UNE staff to create their own unit shells at a time of their choosing, subject to what data is in Callista. Changes to this tool are currently in testing, but is on track to be in operation later this evening although staff will only be able to access the functionality after being assigned the appropriate permission.

For those of you that have seen the tool previously, changes to the tool:

  • This tool now no longer allows anyone to make duplicate units (units created before this version will be able to have a duplicate)
  • The block for this functionality is called “Course Management” please ignore the “Callista” block
  • The ability to create a new site (now called “Get a site” will be found in the Callista block on the “Site Home” page.
  • In your unit, you will only be able to edit offerings
  • The ‘create a site’ and ‘view site enrolments’ options have been removed from the menu when viewing the block within a unit

How do I access the unit creation tool?

The ability to view the Unit Creation Tool will be based on a manual role assignment to staff which will be granted before introductory training and in the longer term by a senior administrative staff member in your school. If you have been granted permission to see the tool previously then you should be able to see it on Monday after the changes have been applied.

Detailed instructions with screenshots for the tool will be created and uploaded to the “Moodle Project Site” in Moodle early next week.

Collapsible Unit Topics (Accordian(:

This can be accessed within your unit or sandpit by clicking on Edit Settings in the Settings menu within the left hand menu structure. In the editing interface there is a Format dropdown box which you can change to “Collapsible Topics”.

Further queries should be directed via email to in the first instance.