Next Update Complete

Next Update Complete

by Gerwood Stewart -
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Tonight we have updated a number of internal functions within Moodle in preparation for students being enrolled in the system on May 2nd. This will be followed by a more visible release of new features next week.

Release Notes - University of New England - Version April Release 2

For those who are interested the following is what has been improved in this update:

  • General update to latest Moodle patches
  • Bug fixes for Moodle Site metadata
  • Preparation changes in site creator
  • Updates to the Book module
  • Fixed a problem with the mp3 player in some browsers
  • Some language pack changes
  • Performance improvements

New Feature

  • TII plugin has been added but awaits configuration checks before being enabled
  • Adobe Connect plugin has been added and will be configured as soon as possible

Have a great weekend!